June Rachelson-Ospa

Multidisciplinary Dramatist & Mentor 

 JUNE RACHELSON-OSPA  OSPARATIONS: (Book/Lyrics) is an award-winning writer of musical theater as well as a producer. Welcome To Tourettaville (Kennedy Center); Rapunzarella White (NY Times Pick);
Tourettaville Cartoon starring Dr. John,Michael Imperioli and Courage the Cowardly Dog; Bollywood And VineImaginary BoyStupid Wig ,The Hotel Belleclaire Outcast Theatre in Seattle November 2018 ,The True Colors of Weedle (Book and Lyric),. The Never-Ending Line (Song Cycle)  Premiered inParis and Players Theatre 2017 .In Development: New York Stories, Valadon(Lyrics)  Hyde and Seek The Life of Young Master Henry Jekyll , Rockin' The Planet- GoodSpeed Author Colony 2017,  and  The Gringo Who Stole Christmas Producer Broadway's Godspell  and investor in  A Christmas Story The Musical (Lunt Fontaine)
June ran YMCA After-school Programs, and was the Academy Director at AMAS Musical Theatre.
Board member of the League of Professional Theater Women and member of Dramatist Guild, ASCAP, TRU
Artistic Director of Identity Theater www.identitytheater.com