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Announcements from Community Partners



                                             Netflix looking for Girl in Wheelchair for new series!


Netflix is looking for an authentic wheelchair user for an upcoming role in a new family series. Role is female and aged 9-13 years old and needs to be able to speak English. Here is the character description: Open to all ethnicities. She’s tough and intensely driven with a relaxed sense of humor. Amara is one of Noah's first friends at school. She uses a wheelchair and understands that other students will see it as a defining characteristic, but she's sure of herself and confident that her personality will always define who she is. Amara is instantly understanding of Noah's anxiety, which makes him feel safe to open up to her.
Netflix is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. Submissions for nondescript roles will be accepted for all performers, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law, subject to legitimate casting objectives.
If you fit this character description, please reach out to with your headshot/picture, resume and where you're based for audition details.  Make sure to mention that you saw the posting on THISAbility's website! 
Please submit ASAP. Final callbacks are week of 2/25/19.





RE: Good Kids

Syracuse University Department of Drama (Syracuse, NY)

Tier III Equity Guest Artist Agreement

Director:  Holly Thuma

Playwright: Naomi Iizuka

SU Dept. of Drama Chair: Ralph Zito

Casting: Harriet Bass Casting

Casting Director: Harriet Bass

Casting Associate: Gama Valle

Auditions: January 16/2019

Callbacks: January 16/2019


First Rehearsal: March 19/2019

Tech: April 26/2019

Preview: May 4/2019

Open: May 5/2019

Close: May 11/2019


Harriet Bass Casting
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Harriet Bass Casting
RE: Good Kids
112 W 34th Street 17th FL
New York, NY 10120


NOTE: Actors should be aware that, as this is a university production, weekday rehearsals (Tu-Fri) are generally 6p-10p or 6:30p-10:30p, with Saturday rehearsals generally 10a-6p. Mondays and most Sundays are off. A full rehearsal/performance calendar can be available on request.

STORYLINE: Good Kids takes place after a highschool party, when a girl, Chloe is raped by a gang of football players while passed out drunk, and the repercussions and rumors that circulate among her peers comprise most of the play. “We’re all good kids.  Every single one of us,” says one of the female characters, perhaps wishfully. So what social influences can lead so many “good kids” to collectively assault a classmate, post and share the evidence on social media—not to mention not intervene while the act is happening?

DEIRDRE-  Female. Seeking an actress with a disability that walks with the aid of a mobility device (or devices). Mid-twenties to mid-thirties, any ethnicity.  An enigmatic woman who is computer savvy and masterful at manipulation of social media. She is fierce, articulate, and driven. Her disability is the result of a wild high school night ending, not only with a sexual assault, but with an accident in a car driven by drunken school athletes.  They walked away.  We are seeking an actor who can handle sharp-edged narration and emotionally charged material, and who can lead the cast as a professional role model and/or mentor for our student actors.